The purpose of this survey is to allow Etsy shop owners to:

--Get a feel for how other shop owners manage their business and finances.
--Build community through shared survey results, seeing new shops, and learning together about finances.

Please answer the 10 questions on the right side of this page.
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FreeForged Jewelry

Etsy Shop Name: FreeForged Jewelry
I sell: Jewelry
1. How do I manage my shop's finances? - Currently, it's a bit of guesswork and some good old estimation, but now that I'm officially a business, I'll be studying a bit harder about where my money's going.
2. How do I organize my paperwork? - Not very well... A combination of filing boxes and piles sorted into various places around my apartment.
3. Taxes make me: - Anxious about getting everything right. A one page form should not need four pages of instructions...
4. My marketing plan is . . . - To get my name out there, both online and in the real world. If people can't find you then they won't know to buy from you.
5. I keep track of mileage for taxes: - A rough estimate maybe, but nothing terribly precise.
6. My Etsy shop is a. . . - A useful tool for getting people to see my work. It's not my number one method of selling, but it's nice to have something for people to see online.
7. Outside of Etsy, my favorite place to sell is: - The real world. I think people enjoy shopping much more when they can pick an object up and hold it before making up their mind.
8. Do you ever run sales in your shop?
9. This is my first entrepreneurial adventure. - Sorta... I was a partner in my boyfriends video game development company, but it was more for the paperwork than actual work.
10. I believe marketing in showcases: - Looks pretty cool but I don't know how reliable it is as far as bringing in sales. I'd be interested in seeing some numbers on it.

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