The purpose of this survey is to allow Etsy shop owners to:

--Get a feel for how other shop owners manage their business and finances.
--Build community through shared survey results, seeing new shops, and learning together about finances.

Please answer the 10 questions on the right side of this page.
Feel free to browse below how other Etsy shop owners answered their questions and learn about new sellers.


Etsy Shop Name: Miyaw
I sell: Jewelry, bath necessities and leather/sewn items
How do I manage my shop’s finances? excel
How do I organize my paperwork? File folders
Taxes make me: crunch numbers
My marketing plan is . . . non-existent
I keep track of mileage for taxes: false
My Etsy shop is a. . . hobby
Outside of Etsy, my favorite place to sell is: craft shows
Do you ever run sales in your shop? yes
This is my first entrepreneurial adventure. false
I believe marketing in showcases: is worthless

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