The purpose of this survey is to allow Etsy shop owners to:

--Get a feel for how other shop owners manage their business and finances.
--Build community through shared survey results, seeing new shops, and learning together about finances.

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Etsy Shop Name: BrownBagStudio
I sell: Jewelry, one of a kind pieces all handmade by myself
How do I manage my shop’s finances? Excel spreadsheets and my husband
How do I organize my paperwork? Shoebox that gets sorted to filing folders once a month
Taxes make me: Say “no sweat!” I have a great tax-guy who has guided me so much on all things tax related!
My marketing plan is . . . ever changing, which isn’t really a great thing. It can be difficult to manage.
I keep track of mileage for taxes: True (thank you to my tax guy!)
My Etsy shop is a. . . part time job, and I love it!
Outside of Etsy, my favorite place to sell is: craft shows, but I would love to sell at boutiques!
Do you ever run sales in your shop? Yes, everyday I have a “Deal of the Day” feature with one item offered at a special discount that’s only good for the day.
This is my first entrepreneurial adventure. False, if I can count Girl Scout cookies.

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