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Superfly Lullabies

Etsy Shop Name: Superfly Lullabies
I sell: Super-swank blankies for your super-swank babe. And various other super-swank baby accessories.
How do I manage my shop’s finances? With a pencil & paper. Well, no, actually most of the time, I use a pen. Oh, and a calculator. That calculator is very important.
How do I organize my paperwork? Everything is currently in ziplock bags. Labelled ziplocks, to be fair: I am somewhat organized.
Taxes make me: …wonder if I’m being lawful.
My marketing plan is . . . to go with the flow: I make sure my friends & family know what I’m doing, and I always have cards on me. Of course, this is only until I get super-successful & need to hire some peeps to formulate a real plan. Hehe.
I’m also a newbie team member of etsybaby, which is a wonderfully busy group of like-minded women (I think we’re all women? Forgive me if I’m wrong etsybaby-ers!). I looove etsybaby.
I keep track of mileage for taxes: Somewhat.
My Etsy shop is a. . . full-time hobby/nap-time job (my children’s naps, not mine… although I often conjure up my best ideas while trying to sleep).
Outside of Etsy, my favorite place to sell is: via Facebook. Fortunately, my other gen-x-er friends are also having babies these days. They’re very kind to me. I have also been fortunate enough to have a very driven friend who puts craft shows on once in awhile – that was the start of selling my craft, actually. I think it could be quite successful if I found the right ones. Maybe that’s my next project.
Do you ever run sales in your shop? Hmmm, “sales” = “incentive” in my shop. If customers want to purchase a set of anything (any 3 items or more), I offer a 10% discount on the total bill.
This is my first entrepreneurial adventure. I think that would be accurate in my case.
I believe marketing in showcases: might bring me some views, but I can’t imagine it’s much more effective than being in a treasury, or having others ♥ you or your items. That’s how I find new shops. Oh, and pounce. And newly listed items. If I’m being totally frank, I’ve never checked the showcases out… even when I was just a buyer.

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