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Scarlett Cat

Etsy Shop Name: Scarlett Cat
I sell: Quirky, flirty art and cards
How do I manage my shop’s finances? Do nothing – pretty much. I figure it’s all recorded on Etsy so it will be there for me at tax time. I do plan on getting an accountant which is stopping me from doing more myself. That and chronic laziness.
How do I organize my paperwork? Ha! Everywhere – some of it is in folders, some of it is lost, most of it is spread around my desk and some has created a small landslide on my floor. In fact, I once lost a cactus for over 8 months and eventually found it under some paperwork on my desk,
Taxes make me: Scream. I have no idea what I’m supposed to do and rely on my dodgy and constantly unavailable account for help. I’m hoping I don’t wind up in jail like Paris.
My marketing plan is . . . creative. And not written down. But it’s in my head, I promise. Oh yes.
I keep track of mileage for taxes: False. Are you kidding me? I have enough trouble stopping for petrol when the light starts flashing.
My Etsy shop is a. . . part time job. Luckily enough someone else deals with the financial side of my full time job.
Outside of Etsy, my favorite place to sell is: boutiques. I’ve just started selling work through a gallery and have even less of a clue about what to do with taxes for this little venture than I do for Etsy.
Do you ever run sales in your shop? No. Tried once. Didn’t help. Never again
This is my first entrepreneurial adventure. Yep.
I believe marketing in showcases: Never done it. I don’t think this sort of promotion would be as useful as the offsite promotions I work at.

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