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Etsy Shop Name: Sassafrasium
I sell: Super sexy sassy jewelry (the alliteration is free!)
How do I manage my shop’s finances? I have things written down all over the place. I am not organized enough to have it all consolidated!
How do I organize my paperwork? Everywhere. Between my Etsy shop and school, I am just happy that my students are not getting receipts back instead of essays. I wish that I were a clean freak and have tried to develop the habit, but I have thus far been unable to! I will keep trying.
Taxes make me: Nervous. I am absolutely certain that I am somehow breaking the law.
My marketing plan is . . . sporadic! I will hand out business cards obsessively for weeks and then do nothing at all. I also have a few items out in local shops on commission, but my favourite way to advertise is to give a pair of earrings and come cards to a friend and let them market for me. It is amazing!
I keep track of mileage for taxes: Nope. I probably should, but the fact is that I am usually out doing a whole bunch of things while doing shop business, so I do not worry about it. Also, see number 3.
My Etsy shop is a. . . hobby that turned itself into a moneymaking venture. I love to come home after a stressful day and make things. It makes me feel productive!
Outside of Etsy, my favorite place to sell is: Anywhere locally, really. I generally have samples of my stuff in my car, so if anyone is interested in what I myself am wearing, I show them and they will generally buy something.
Do you ever run sales in your shop? No, I think that my stuff is pretty reasonably priced to begin with, and I have not done anything yet that is overly seasonal. I suppose that if I ever do, I will run a sale! Not yet, though.
This is my first entrepreneurial adventure. Yes, barring the inclusion of childhood lemonade stands. I enjoy it!
I believe marketing in showcases: I am not opposed to showcases, but I would rather spend the money somewhere else, like on more beads. Or on a drink. I am just saying.

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